The return of Falkirk – more skulduggery, same victim, same perpetrators

Ed Miliband & Len McCluskeyThe last few days has seen the sorry Falkirk affair return with a vengeance. Readers may remember that there were two people who had been seeking Labour’s parliamentary nomination for Falkirk who were accused of wrong doing in the recruitment of new members to that constituency party. One was left-wing Scottish Unite activist, Karie Murphy, former nurse and later office manager to Tom Watson MP. The other was Progress-supporter Greg Poynton, then a director of new media campaigning consultancy, Blue State Media, who happened to be married to Gemma Doyle MP, deputy to Labour’s then defence spokesperson and leading Blairite, Jim Murphy. Continue reading

Tom Watson on Falkirk, and a lesson for Ed

tom watsonYesterday’s Sun (£) carried online a recording of Watson talking on stage with comedian Matt Forde about his friend and staff member, Karie Murphy, and Ed Miliband’s judgement on Falkirk. So you don’t have to shell out money to the Murdoch empire, nor waste time visiting the scurrilous website of Mr Guido Fawkes which features what he said, we repeat it here for the benefit of our readers: Continue reading

Progress have been stoking the flames but it’s time for Ed & Len to turn the heat down

Falkirk CrisisYesterday morning, Mark Ferguson at Labour List said “it felt like the Labour leadership and Unite were locked in a Mexican standoff, both sure they were in the right, and neither willing to back down,” but by the end of the day, the heat was still rising and Progress and their media friends were still stoking the flames. In the midst of a media frenzy assisted by shadow cabinet briefings, whatever has gone wrong in Falkirk (and we accept that we wouldn’t be where we are if nothing was amiss) will only be resolved if there is transparency about the decision and due process. Unfortunately there is neither.  Continue reading