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On the madness of Alan Johnson invoking Keir Hardie to attack Jeremy Corbyn

by David Pavett.

Alan Johnson begins his pitch for the support of Yvette Cooper (Guardian, 4th August) with a reference to Keir Hardie. The problem is that his reference is wholly misleading. He claims that Hardie “believed in achieving power through the ballot box, eschewing class warfare …”. Johnson continues “He forged a Labour party rooted in the […]

Happy Birthday Keir Hardie

by Carl Packman.

The 156th anniversary of the birthday of one of the Labour party’s finest minds, if not the finest, should be a day to celebrate – for without him we wouldn’t have had Attlee, Bevan and Castle and the soul of the party would have been different. The post-war settlement, the NHS, the only woman to […]

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