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Campaign for Labour Party democracy points the way forward

by Mick Loates.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD held its annual general meeting, its 42nd, on Saturday (28 February) at Conway Hall in central London.  Ove)r 80 CLPD members and supporters attended, and there was much discussion and debate on the way forward for the Labour Party. Chair Gaye Johnston introduced Kelvin Hopkins MP as first […]

Why you should attend CLPD’s AGM

by Newsdesk.

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) will hold its Annual General Meeting at 11.30am (till approx 4.30pm with break for lunch) on Saturday 23 February at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, in Central London. Non-members are welcome to attend the meeting as participating observers. This will be CLPD’s 40th AGM, and will be opened by […]

Guardian’s Michael White asks about party democracy

by Newsdesk.

With coverage mainly focusing on vacuous gossip, often the media lose sight of what conference is actually all about. Thankfully, the Guardian’s Michael White took the time on Wednesday to assess “the changing face of the Labour party conference”. Featuring appearances from Left Futures contributors Kelvin Hopkins MP and Conrad Landin.

Europe: Time For Britain To Decide

by Mark Seddon.

I am old enough – just – to remember Britain’s one and only referendum on whether we should remain a member of what was then called the Common Market, back in 1975. Having decided that we should, Britons watched as the Common Market became the European Economic Community, then the European Community, and finally the […]

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