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Ken Clarke, Gordon Brown – and why the Eds shouldn’t back Tory spending plans

by Mark Seddon.

Shortly after Labour’s landslide victory in 1997, for some perverse reason I invited Ken Clarke to attend one of our monthly Tribune dinners in the Gay Hussar restaurant, that old canteen of the Labour Left, in London’s Soho. Clarke professed himself baffled by the assembled journos, cartoonists, MPs and trades unionists asking if we spent […]

The Bilderberg smell still lingers

by Michael Meacher.

It is very easy to write off the Bilderberg Group, which met in utter secrecy in Watford a week ago, as just a private get-together of high-powered colleagues from across the Western world which regularly meets to exchange views. That was the view peddled by Ken Clarke amid much buffoonery and mockery in the Commons. […]

Who will stand up to the Daily Mail paper tigers?

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron’s caving in yesterday to the deep and unpleasant prejudices of the hard-right retributionist lobby has banged shut the brief momentary expectation of a more liberal penal policy. The objective of cutting prison numbers by 6,500 (a fairly arbitrary proportion of the 85,000 currently detained) was removed by scrapping 50% discounts across the board (not […]

No deterrent + bad at rehabilitation = poor value

by Michael Meacher.

Ken Clarke’s attack on the Michael Howard/New Labour bang ‘em up culture is welcome.   With currently 85,000 prisoners behind bars, by far the highest rate of detention of any country in Europe, he is right to demand alternatives.   Prison does take violent men out of circulation so as to protect the public for a time, […]

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