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Kyoto out, the fight against climate change is finally gaining traction

by Michael Meacher.

David Cameron, with his flair for hypocrisy, regularly claims that his government is the greenest government ever. Of course the opposite is true, with Osborne offering the biggest subsidies to fracking of any country, promising huge concessions to any company British or foreign prepared to build a new nuclear plant, stamping on wind power and […]

Climate blindness: the Pharoanic curse

by Michael Meacher.

Is it all over then? The climate change summit in Durban, due to start within a week, appears resigned to the collapse of the Kyoto process for international action to arrest and reverse the damaging and dangerous impacts of global warming. Allegedly the UK along with the EU,US, Japan and other rich nations have all […]

De-carbonisation of Britain – terrific, but will it be delivered?

by Michael Meacher.

Yesterday’s announcement that Ministers have decided to accept in full the proposed 4th budget of the Government’s advisory body, the Climate Change Committee, is very welcome. It means putting the country on course to cut carbon emissions from 550m tonnes a year now to some 390m tonnes by 2027 – a cut of 29% – […]

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