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Contemporary motions at Labour conference: explained in full

by Peter Willsman.

Every year, CLPD secretary and former NEC member PETER WILLSMAN issues a updated delegates’ guide to Labour conference. This will be serialised on Left Futures over the coming weeks, and is especially recommended for first-time delegates. Here, Peter explains the “contemporary” policy motions coming before conference.

Len McCluskey on the union ‘block vote’

by Jon Lansman.

Len McCluskey’s interview in yesterday’s Guardian makes interesting reading. Most focus has been on what he said about the Olympics about which David Osler has already commented. There is also some very good stuff about the class composition of the parliamentary Labour Party. However, there may also be some concern about what he said about […]

Jim Murphy: positioning for a leadership challenge?

by Jon Lansman.

Jim Murphy spoke to conference this morning to “challenge the ill-informed orthodoxy of the past which says that Labour is the party of the NHS and the Tories are the party of the Forces.” He made a firmer anti-cuts speech than most of his shadow colleagues. He unveiled the cut price deal for veterans to join […]

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