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A battle for the party’s very soul

by Andy Newman.

In politics it is sometimes worth stepping back from the immediate hurly burly to take stock of the broader context. David Osland’s new pamphlet “How to select or Reselect your MP” invites us to do so, by his self-conscious decision to reboot a pamphlet that was first published in 1981. While both the Corbyn and […]

Eagle will stand for New Labour, and against the membership

by James Elliott.

Yesterday morning saw Angela Eagle announce her leadership challenge against Jeremy Corbyn on Peston, followed by a gruelling interview with Andrew Neil on the Sunday Politics. Eagle is being presented as the ‘unity’ candidate, where unity means members accepting the PLP’s wishes and selecting a leader closer to, but crucially not seen as from, the […]

This week’s vote of no confidence has no constitutional basis.

by Jon Lansman.

Last year Jeremy Corbyn won a quarter of a million votes of Labour members, supporters and affiliates. On Tuesday, he lost in a ‘vote of confidence’ due to the votes of just 170 people who never supported him in the first place, and many of whom have been actively undermining the Labour Party’s choice of […]

John McDonnell on the leadership battle

by John McDonnell.

This talk was given by John McDonnell on Wednesday 29 June at a Stand Up for Labour event in the George IV pub in Chiswick, West London. The transcript has been lightly edited to account for the difference between spoken and written language but the content is unchanged.  Let me just tell you where we’re […]

We must not let this act of cowardice succeed

by Mark Seddon.

  Barely ten months ago, I urged my branch, the New York City Labour Party Branch, to first nominate and then vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and for Tom Watson as his deputy. In this I was supported by longtime New York Labour activist, journalist and Tribune columnist, Ian Williams. […]

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