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Karl Marx for Today

by Carl Packman.

On this very day, 130 years ago, Karl Marx died in his house in Chalk Farm Road, London. Shortly after the death of Jenny Marx, his wife, in late 1881, Marx developed a catarrh, making him very ill for at least the final 15 months of his life. What eventually came to kill the old […]

Why Labour is the Left’s only hope

by Owen Jones.

It’s a debate that has raged on the left since 1900, when an alliance of trade unions and left-wing groups decided that working people needed a political voice and set up the Labour Representation Committee. Is Labour the left’s only hope, or is it a thoroughly reactionary obstacle on the glorious onwards march to socialism?

Happy Birthday Labour!

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Happy Birthday to Labour which has reached the grand-old age of 111. Out of government it maybe but that is not to say it is not in surprisingly rude health for its age following an influx of new members and scaling some impressive heights in terms of its poll rating. Looking back, it has plenty […]

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