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There is a concerted ‘Anyone but Corbyn’ campaign organised by the Labour right

by James Elliott.

The story of the Labour leadership election has moved firmly from which of the four possible contenders could win, to whether or not it could be Jeremy Corbyn – and how to stop him. For many on Labour’s self-proclaimed ‘moderate’, austerity-backing wing of the party, this has become an all out campaign to stop Jeremy […]

Don’t let the Labour Right tell fairy stories about the 1980s

by Andy Newman.

There is a remarkable article on Labour Uncut by Kevin Meagher that perfectly illustrates a mythology which has for some time infected parts of the Labour Party. Kevin writes:

Labour Uncut: Lies and smears about NEC candidate

by Jon Lansman.

Two weeks ago, we commented here on the resemblance of  Labour Uncut to the planned Red Rag, the website to consist of lies, smears and innuendo that Derek Draper described as “absolutely totally brilliant”, except that its targets are not Tories but our own side. The latest victim is Peter Willsman, NEC member and Secretary […]

Labour Uncut – Transparency, Real and Fake

by Jon Lansman.

A notable addition to the Labour blogosphere since the general election is Labour Uncut. Although it is far from transparent about who is behind it, it is the creation of Sion Simon who was the Blairite MP for Erdington until May 6. It is well-informed, interesting reading, “uncut”, “inside” and “unbound”, and closer to the sort […]

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