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On Paul Mason’s ‘Labour’s way ahead’

by David Pavett.

In his recent response on Owen Jones’ article ‘Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer‘, James Elliott, while critical of Jones’ approach, took his questions seriously and undertook to address them. He also referred to an essay by Paul Mason (Labour: the way ahead) which is discussed briefly in the notes below. Much ground […]

Don’t believe the papers, Labour is not in meltdown

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Another day, another bout of mischief making. In today’s Indy we learn that things aren’t looking too rosy for Labour. In a specially commissioned poll, it “shows party is now even ‘less electable’ than under Ed Miliband. Blimey, that doesn’t bode well for 2020. They go on to say, “voters think Labour has gone backwards since its crushing […]

Ed Miliband needs to challenge the UKIP surge

by Carl Packman.

At the time of writing (15:47) UKIP has won 78 seats and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing. That is quite something. Not only is it making the Tories look stupid and the Liberal Democrats look irrelevant, it makes Labour look like they haven’t the nous to be […]

The best of 2012: our coverage of the ins and outs of Labour politics

by Newsdesk.

It’s been a fantastic year for Left Futures – more visitors than ever, many new contributors, and a lively debate in the comment section. But as a grassroots community, we are only as strong as our readers – so thanks for returning to the site again and again! So, a Happy New Year to all […]

The left are more realistic about the working class vote than some think

by Carl Packman.

Since the publication of Progress’ Class edition, and the polling that has been done through YouGov, there seems to be some confusion about how the left perceive the voting behaviour of working class people in Britain. Reading Luke Akehurst’s fair piece on LabourList, aside from the harsh reality-check that working class voters in this country […]

Refounding Labour: what’s happened since?

by Peter Willsman.

In the months since the 2011 Annual Conference further discussions have taken place to build on last year’s “Refounding Labour” changes to the party structures, particularly with the unions. Refounding Labour, controversially passed on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis at Liverpool, significantly altered the party rulebook.

Labour and the 2015 progressive majority

by Carl Packman.

Though we have about 1000 days until the next election, Plaid Cymru have offered the Labour party a deal by way of a strategy should we find ourselves with a hung parliament in 2015. Jonathan Edwards, MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr and a key advisor to Plaid Cymru’s leader Leanne Wood, said: “We would […]

Some initial thoughts on Labour, patriotism and Tim Soutphommasane

by Carl Packman.

It has been the contention of some that the Englishness we speak of today is rather bleak and shrill, “based on loss and abandonment”, as Jon Cruddas recently put it. But the nation today will be in the throes of national ecstasy, nearing the closure of the Olympic games with 29 gold medals under our […]

It’s all over now, for Nick Clegg

by Carl Packman.

What could possibly be worse for Nick Clegg than Labour grimacing at him over his admission that he’d join in coalition with them if they were to fall short of a Commons majority in 2015? It’s not outright hostility, but pity. Once upon a time it was an unwritten rule that Labour party activists, particularly […]

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