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The rights and wrongs of Jewish ambassadors and Paul Flynn

by Jon Lansman.

John Mann, chair of the All-party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, has said that Paul Flynn MP should “start preparing for his retirement” for, allegedly, suggesting that Matthew Gould is an inappropriate British ambassador to Israel because he is Jewish. If Paul Flynn did say that, which we doubt, it would indeed be a serious matter. It […]

Where Fox goes, is Gove far behind?

by Michael Meacher.

The Government has set great store on claiming that the Fox saga was a one-off. He had broken the Ministerial code, he had refused to heed warnings from his Permanent Secretary that his behaviour was outside the constitutional guidelines for such a sensitive position, and in effect he was running a privatised foreign and defence […]

The implications of Werrity

by Michael Meacher.

The Werrity saga gets murkier. In particular, apart from any personal matters, did he profit from his friendship with Fox? If he went with Fox on 19 of his trips around the world in the past 18 months, why did nobody in the civil service blow the whistle that something suspicious might be going on, […]

The real Adam Werrity scandal

by Michael Meacher.

The key point about the weekend revelations over Adam Werrity is not just, or even mainly, whether Fox keeps his job or not. The real scandal is that Werrity was able to inveigle himself into so many compromising situations without anyone calling a stop to it or blowing the whistle. Indeed had it not been […]

Liam Fox: torn

by David Osler.

Did Australian angst rock princess Natalie Imbruglia personally broker BAE Systems’ $15.8m contract to upgrade the Chilean army’s howitzer capacity? I only ask because the lucky girl lists Liam Fox among her former squeezes, and as we know, the defence secretary can be extremely accommodating to the commercial interests of old friends. As a special adviser to Dr […]

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