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Time for Amazon to pay the living wage

by Conrad Landin.

As you might expect in the run-up to Christmas, Amazon has been back in the headlines. Not only do they avoid tax, but a BBC investigation found their workplace conditions were so bad that their employees ‘face increased risk of mental illness’. This was shortly followed by Carole Cadwalladr’s report from the coal-face in The […]

Why reward with a tax break employers who pay below the Living Wage?

by Michael Meacher.

Getting a living wage established of £8.55 an hour in London and £7.45 elsewhere – regarded as the minimum needed now to meet the rising cost of living in the UK – is an admirable aspiration.    The persons who will particularly gain are the quarter of all employed women who are paid below this […]

The scandal of zero-hour Britain – and it’s getting worse

by Megan Davies.

Ever since Tories won power in 2010, many have commented on the parallels between the dire inequalities of the present day and those of Victorian Britain. Never has this observation been as apt as when, this week, it was discovered that part-time employees at Buckingham Palace, along with those at Cineworld and Sports Direct, were […]

Living wage – Ecuador shows the way

by Hazel Nolan.

Living wage policies can be radical when they are more than a simple ‘take it or leave’ it opt-in for employers, but they can be practical at the same time. Gavin Edwards recently wrote an excellent article for LabourList, picking up on the need for a statutory living wage. Gavin shows how the two main right-wing […]

Yes to the living wage: but it’s still too low

by Michael Meacher.

Bully for the Milibands. The national minimum wage was never meant to be as low as it is – in today’s economic conditions £6.19 an hour for people 21 and over and £4.98 for those 18-20. The original intention of Rodney Bickerstaffe, the former general secretary of Unison and main architect of its introduction in […]

Campaign for a ‘Living Rent’

by Lutfur Rahman.

With average rents in the private sector now over £1,000 a month, and all tenants except those on the highest wages feeling the pinch, this story about the plight of ordinary Londoner Sharada Osman shines a light on some harsh realities of our city’s housing market.

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