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Payday loans, TV and Class

by Scott Nicholson.

When was the last time that you saw someone take out a payday loan on a television programme? When did you last see a show in which someone in full time work was struggling to pay the bills? I feel there is a discrepancy between the portrayal of poverty on our televisions and that which […]

Payday loans: not a black and white issue (in reply to Chris Dillow)

by Carl Packman.

Nothing excites me more than a myth busting exercise on payday lending – it certainly beats what we read in the papers about it – and this is exactly what Chris Dillow has done today. However I have one or two comments I would like to make about it. Chris sets up three issues on […]

Pay day lending: Unite’s new video

by Newsdesk.

Excellent new video on loan sharks from Unite, also promoting #Oct30. Nice one.

End Loan Sharking Now

by Gavin Hayes.

As many of us pack our flexible friends to jet off on holiday it’s worth noting that in April this year private debt owed by the British people stood at a sky high £1460bn – that’s a hell of a lot of plastic! Of course many of us these days have a credit card, loan […]

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