Young Labour in Left landslide but chaos, manipulation & smears mar NEC election

Young Labour Labour Students Next GenerationThe Young Labour conference in Scarborough this weekend has seen the triumph of the Momentum Youth and Student slate in the elections for the Young Labour national committee. The sweeping victory of the Left for the first time in 30 years presents an opportunity to create a movement capable of attracting not those who want careers in politics but those who were enthused in such large numbers last summer by the prospect of a new kind of politics. Unfortunately it is marred by the dirtiest contest for an internal election I have ever witnessed.

What the Labour Party needs is a generation of activists motivated by idealism and hope with the ambition to make the world a better, greener, more equal place, with communities that care about peoples’ needs, and workplaces that develop skills and offer secure jobs with proper wages. Not another, much smaller generation of people who would provide yet more identikit MPs in suits, of whom the British public have already seen too many. Continue reading

London Young Labour defends the trade union link

London Young LabourBritain’s biggest regional Young Labour group last night (Wednesday) vowed to defend the link between trade unions and the Labour party, following Ed Miliband’s announcement that he will seek to end automatic affiliation of membership.

The London Young Labour executive committee voted in favour of a motion that also resolved to call on Labour chiefs to publish their report into selection of the parliamentary candidate in Falkirk. It was this selection that sparked a right-wing press sensation over trade union involvement in the selection of Labour party candidates. David Cameron, the Daily Mail and members of Blairite faction Progress all joined the attack on affiliated trade unions encouraging their members to join Labour as full individual party members – despite the scheme allowing them to do so having been introduced by Tony Blair many years ago.

The motion states that “As the mass organisations of working-class people, affiliated trade unions are entitled to use the democratic structures of the Labour Party in order to promote their policies and members who wish to seek selection as elected representatives of the Labour Party.”

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