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Boris Johnson’s decision to buy water cannons is misguided and bizarre

by Michael Meacher.

What is Boris Johnson frightened of – apart from losing the Tory party leadership (for which he is a racing certainty loser already)? He says he needs to be ready for trouble on the streets in the summer. But there’s not the slightest evidence for this – more’s the pity considering what Tory austerity has […]

London’s NHS at the crossroads

by John Lister.

Cash-driven hospital ‘reconfigurations’ – so hotly contested across the capital – must stop, say a panel of experts conducting a ‘health check’ into London’s NHS. Instead they call for a London-wide needs assessment to match services to patterns of need across the capital. The panel also calls for NHS managers to be placed under a […]

Strike ballots and unintended consequencies

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Johnson’s at it again. Rather than sit down and have meaningful dialogue with workers’ representatives on the London Underground, he’s been carping about a “lack of mandate” because the RMT’s successful strike ballot came off the back of a 40% turnout. Instead, Johnson believes every ballot for industrial action should meet a 50% threshold to […]

London Labour: in need of some refounding

by Jon Lansman.

In a packed hall a mile from London’s Olympic park, the London Labour Party’s biennial conference was in bullish mood this last weekend. In spite of the loss of last year’s mayoral election, delegates and platform alike sounded confident that London Labour is in good shape electorally, as well as determined and radical in its […]

Call for “direct action” to save Whittington Hospital, after huge public meeting

by John Millington.

Islington local residents have been urged to launch a campaign of direct action including occupations to save Whittington hospital. Unite South Eastern Regional secretary, Peter Kavanagh, made the call following a packed Save Whittington Hospital public meeting in Islington last night. The Board of the Whittington NHS Trust took the decision to sell off £17 million of […]

Taking a Radical Step

by Newsdesk.

East End Walks tour guide David Rosenberg launches his sixth season of walking tours on the morning of Sunday 17th February, when he will be leading members of the public from Aldgate to Cable Street on an “Anti-Fascist Footprints” tour. David will explain how Sir Oswald Mosley’s “Blackshirts” built a powerful presence in the area […]

Neither men nor mice need a bigger Heathrow

by David Osler.

Let’s not be hypocritical here; like most Londoners who go on holiday, take weekend breaks, and travel for work, I use Heathrow several times a year. But not when I can possibly avoid it, though. I vastly prefer Eurostar for meetings in Brussels and Paris, and as I live only a bus ride from Euston, […]

A big thank you to Ken for the multicultural Olympics

by Jon Lansman.

No matter that I am not a sports enthusiast and was, in advance, a firm Olympic sceptic, it is hard not to be enthusiastic about the Games, sport, razzmatazz, community events and all. Above all, it did appear to deliver on the promise, Ken’s promise, of celebrating London’s multiculturalism – it positively oozed diversity and […]

When you’re too skint for Newham, you’re in trouble

by David Osler.

Samuel Johnson famously observed that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. But I suspect that the prospect of families suddenly becoming too poor to live in Newham would not even have crossed his mind. One of the big stories this week has been the revelation that a Labour-controlled council […]

Real Londoners, not actors

by Jon Lansman.

“Another new depth plumbed in the mayoral campaign“, said Labour Uncut. And so it was… by them and by the Guardian diary, by the cuckoo in Labour’s nest, Dan Hodges, as well as the most hostile anti-Labour press in years. Ken stands accused of fake tears and using actors in his excellent broadcast. Except that […]

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