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Louise Mensch and Conservative Feminism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

When I was an undergraduate I probably spent more time dosing up on heavy duty social theory than drinking until blindness set in. One module I took was on feminist social theory because, at that time, I was deeply concerned with questions around revolutionary subjectivity and the place socialism had in a fragmenting and media […]

Luke Bozier, arrested, statement to follow

by Jon Lansman.

The sudden demise and subsequent arrest of Owen Jones’s recently recruited colleague at the Independent, Luke Bozier, can’t pass without mention. Not, of course, because of the Indy’s poor judgement — their gullibility had already been revealed in reporting his defection last January under the absurdly exaggerated headline “Senior Labour adviser defects to the Tories,” which […]

So long Louise…

by Lucy Reese.

I’m not usually one to agree with Norman Tebbit, but I kind of agree that one of the problems with someone like Mensch being parachuted into a constituency where she has no ties – her constituency, Corby is a working class former steel town in Northants – is that when the going gets tough, there are no real reasons to hang on in there.

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