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Miliband’s linking minimum wage to earnings could benefit up to 5m low-paid

by Michael Meacher.

Low pay in Britain is scandalous, and it has got considerably lower since 2010. Low pay is conventionally defined as the number of workers paid less than the Living Wage of £7.45 per hour outside London and £8.80 in London, and on that basis workers on low pay have increased by almost 2 millions since […]

Demonising part-time workers

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

They call it a recovery. The OECD has raised its forecast of UK economic growth from 0.8% to 1.5%. This follows on from the British Chambers of Commerce who’ve floated a similar figure. While economics wonks are muttering “caveats, caveats” the Daily Express have had no hesitation proclaiming “Britain’s economic recovery is now in overdrive“. Resting arguments on evidence might […]

How wage cuts damage the economy

by Dave Watson.

Pay cuts may drive short term profits and help governments balance the books — but they do nothing for social justice and also damage the economy. Here’s why: Yesterday, at Unison Scotland, we launched a report on the impact of real wage cuts on workers and the economy. It contrasts the increasing wealth of the richest […]

Tory plan to axe strikers’ benefits vindictive & discriminates against low-paid

by Michael Meacher.

Ian Duncan Smith (IDS), fresh from supporting corrupt and ineffective welfare-to-work companies like A4E, chopping disability living alowance and incapacity benefit for up to a million disabled persons, extending unpaid mandatory work schemes, and forcing 100,000 families out of their homes through cuts in housing benefit – all part of the government’s overall plan to […]

Pay freeze to 2020 – unless you’re a banker

by Michael Meacher.

By a striking coincidence turkey-fattening season in the City, otherwise known as bonus time, happens to be rolled out at the same time as the rest of the population is being told that the pay freeze, after last year’s big 4.2% drop in real wages, is now expected to last till 2020. However, for the […]

55% rises for the rich. We’re all in it together?

by Jon Lansman.

The Financial Times reports today that FTSE100 directors gave themselves on average a 55% rise last year. Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North, said the pay packages were a “moral outrage”, and TUC general secretary Bendan Barber said it blew away “any claim that we are all in this together.” The contrast with public service pay […]

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