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The LRC: more pragmatic but still too remote from Labour’s mainstream?

by Jon Lansman.

On Saturday morning, 200 members and delegates at the LRC conference in London passed a statement, moved by John McDonnell MP, from the LRC’s National Committee which included clear opposition to austerity “even in diluted form“, as well as support for the TUC’s “look at the practicalities of a general strike,” which it says “cannot just be […]

The Labour Left at its worst

by Jon Lansman.

About a hundred people gathered in London on Saturday to determine the future of Labour Briefing — whether it should remain an independent magazine or become the house journal of the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) of which John McDonnell is the chair. It decided, by 44 to 37 votes with a few abstentions, to go […]

LRC comes out against AV, and debates the cuts

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Following on from the Labour Representation Committee (LRC) National Conference I was subsequently elected to represent Leeds LRC on the National Committee. If you’re worried about more potentially disastrous tired guesses about attendance then fear no more, I won’t be making any such guesses this time around. John McDonnell lead off with a political report […]

The LRC: Preparing for the battles to come….

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Slightly over 100 comrades gathered for the Labour Representation Committee conference on the 15th of January. In terms of size this was a much smaller number than those who gathered for the Fabian Conference on the same day. However, in-terms of significance it would be wrong to underestimate the LRC.

LRC conference preview

by Darrell Goodliffe.

This coming Saturday, the Labour Representation Committee will meet for its annual conference. It does so at a crucial juncture in the trajectory of the Labour left, of the Labour Party itself and the wider labour movement. What role the LRC plays will, of course, be largely determined by the direction it takes now. One […]

LRC Conference: Resist the Cuts, Rebuild the Party

by Jon Lansman.

Saturday 15 Jan 2011, 10am to 4:30pm The LRC conference and AGM will take place at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1 (Nearest tube Holborn). The conference will set LRC campaigning priorities for the year ahead, elect a new National Committee and officers and will hear from national and international speakers. Confirmed speakers include: […]

Centre Left bids for policy-making power

by Jon Lansman.

Whilst the eyes of the media are focused on the Leadership election, nominations also open this week for other important elections.  A Left slate is emerging for both Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) and the National Policy Forum (NPF).  The most significant of these is the NPF election: for the first time, this will be […]

Leadership or Impossibilism?

by Bob Clay.

There will be many on the Left who feel that the outcome of the general election could have been a lot worse. The Tories and Liberal Democrats could be exposed as the utterly unprincipled opposite of the bringers of ‘new politics’ in which guise the media has promoted them. Whilst they render themselves more and […]

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