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Rahman wins right for judicial review on “undue spiritual influence”

by Andy Newman.

Back in August 2014, the Times ran a screaming headline saying Muslims told to ‘vote for mayor or be damned’. The quote marks in the headline might have led a reader to assume that the Times were referring to someone who had actually said this, but sadly journalistic standards at the Thunderer are not what […]

Whoever wins in Tower Hamlets, it’s time for Labour to heal the rift

by Jon Lansman.

Until today, I have avoided writing about the hard-fought election in Tower Hamlets in which Labour’s John Biggs, who I backed to be Labour’s candidate in this election, hoped to unseat as Mayor the incumbent, Lutfur Rahman, who I supported as Labour’s candidate four years ago. As a loyal Labour Party member who also wishes to […]

Jack Straw defends Lutfur Rahman and hits out at “gutter politics”

by Keir McCormack.

The editors say: Readers should note that this article was published on 1st April before 12pm!!! After a Dispatches documentary last night criticised his handling of public grants, Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman has received backing from an unlikely quarter. Blackburn MP and former cabinet minister Jack Straw has criticised borough bigwigs for engaging in […]

Len McCluskey & Lutfur Rahman uniting the community of East End battleground

by Jon Lansman.

There are two stories here. The first is that Unite the Union’s strategy of taking trade unions into the community was launched yesterday in a particularly tangible way with the opening of the first Unite Community Centre. The second is that it represents a collaborative enterprise between Len McCluskey and Lutfur Rahman, independent Mayor of […]

In Tower Hamlets, now the accuser is accused

by Jon Lansman.

Just 2½ years ago, Lutfur Rahman was selected as Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets with 433 votes compared with 251 for local London assembly member, John Biggs, and 157 for council leader, Helal Abbas. Shortly afterwards, Rahman was accused by Abbas of fraudulently recruiting members, including at fake addresses, paying their subscriptions, and […]

Lutfur Rahman: former party official threatens to “load the revolver”

by Keith Wright.

Hatred runs deep in Tower Hamlets Labour – as we’ve reported before. The East London borough’s party branch still remains deeply divided after Lutfur Rahman, selected to fight for the directly-elected mayoralty by Labour, was dropped by the party national executive committee, after one of his rivals made allegations of extremism against him – claims […]

Tower Hamlets Labour, which side are you on?

by Rainsborough.

Two weeks ago, the Campaign for Labour Democracy’s AGM passed a motion calling for Lutfur Rahman, the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, to be readmitted to the party and for a full investigation into events since the disastrous 2010 selection process that led to this former Labour council leader standing as an independent and winning against […]

Lutfur Rahman: the case for reinstatement

by Anton Wahlberg.

Although Tower Hamlets has the wealth distribution profile of a least developed country, the borough has made big improvements in education, housing and other social services, both under Labour control and now under an ex-Labour executive Mayor. Even so, in the media it has become a by-word for corruption and incompetence, but that reputation owes […]

Tower Hamlets Labour: first as tragedy, then as farce

by Keith Wright.

But it seems like the days when they attacked each other with dodgy dossiers alleging Islamic extremism are over. Since July 20th, the Tower Hamlets Labour official Twitter account (@TH_Labour_Party) has devoted itself almost exclusively to broadcasting pictures of rubbish.

Time for Ed to apply the lessons of Bradford to Tower Hamlets

by Rainsborough.

With all of the pressures of the mounting economic storm blowing across the Euro zone, challenging Ed Miliband to mould a realistic alternative to the economics of the mad house, there will be many who will understand why seemingly more parochial issues do not necessarily merit the same degree of attention from him. George Galloway […]

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