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Democracy crushed; elected President arrested; World wrings its hands

by Mark Seddon.

Bernard Savage, Head of the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives said: “At this stage, given our information, we would not say that there has been any legal infringement of constitutional forms. We are not taking sides but, as the High Representative Cathy Ashton has made clear, what we support is the constitutional […]

The Maldives Prepare to Be Underwater

by Mark Seddon.

It is no wonder that the Government of the Maldives has been talking about buying up a tract of land elsewhere in South Asia to evacuate its people to if global sea levels keep rising. For the islands from the air look fragile enough. Only when one has landed does it become apparent how low […]

The Danger That the Maldives Will Drift Back Into Dictatorship

by Mark Seddon.

When, after thirty years of authoritarian rule, a young dissident and perennial thorn in the side of the Establishment, Mohammed Nasheed won the first free and fair election in the Maldives in 2008, much of the World applauded. In the Maldives there was not so much polite applause, but out and out celebration. For the country had […]

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