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The monstrosity of management speak

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

I’m writing a wee piece about the sociology of management speak, which should arrive tomorrow. To help me out, I asked Facebook folk if they could give me some examples. A few came in but chief among them all was this, this … abomination. I don’t know if thanks is the right word, but props […]

Share your private sector horror stories

by Owen Jones.

Bloated. Inefficient. Wasteful. Pampered. Manned by the lazy and incompetent; administered by shameless fat cats with salaries that make the Prime Minister look like a pauper. All-expenses paid trips to exotic locations. Non-jobs like ‘Executive Officer to Protect Endangered Snakes’. This is Britain’s public sector, if the relentless campaign of bile directed against it by the Conservative Party […]

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