Left Futures and the Manchester Central by-election: an apology

Earlier today we published an article by Kate Hudson, Respect candidate in the Manchester Central by-election, entitled The unrepresented working class: a space Respect can fill! (now available here). Whilst Left Futures firmly believes that “the Left’s future remains inextricably linked with that of the Labour Party” (as set out in our mission statement), this has given rise to the mistaken impression that Left Futures supports a candidate standing against Labour in a by-election. That is emphatically not the case. In order to clarify the position, I have decided as editor to withdraw the article from publication.   Continue reading

Will Kate Hudson for Respect damage Labour in Manchester Central?

Kate Hudson, who has lead the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament since 2003 as Chair and then General Secretary, has been selected as candidate for Respect in the Manchester Central by-election expected on 15 November. The by-election is caused by the decision of Tony Lloyd to stand as Labour candidate for Police Commissioner of Greater Manchester. There is no record of Respect (or other left-of-Labour) success in the constituency — but nor was there in Bradford West. Manchester Central has the twelfth highest unemployment in the UK (Bradford West is fifth), a place where Labour’s core vote has voted with its feet in recent years — a place where Labour has no grounds for complacency. Continue reading