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Government intervention is vital to save steel and reverse industrial decline

by Steve Laughton.

Ken Clarke was pronouncing on Radio 4 several days ago that in the eighties people were calling for nationalisation to save British industry. He claimed the idea that the UK will collapse unless the government steps in has been heard before and is tired old nonsense. He seemed to think that history and the magic of free […]

More than platitudes needed to restore our manufacturing base

by Grahame Morris.

We live in a deeply divided country. The gaps between wealth and poverty have never been so pronounced. We live in a country where financial speculators who gamble with our economy are rewarded with excessive incomes many of us could not make in a life-time. Our economy, politics and public investment are all tailored towards maintaining […]

Near-universal call for industrial recovery blocked by 3 party austerity obsession

by Michael Meacher.

A YouGov poll this week says 85% want the next government to promote a stronger UK manufacturing base, with 62% believing it will give the country more economic security. They’re absolutely right of course, and that is the centrepiece of my book The State We Need: Keys to the Renaissance of Britain. But it isn’t going […]

The policy that dare not speak its name

by Michael Meacher.

The Commons debate on the budget has just finished, but one essential component in the UK economic strategy wasn’t mentioned by anyone including, mea culpa, me. The UK economy is still smaller than it was in 2008. Investment per head of the population, net of depreciation, has dropped to zero. Our manufacturing capacity is so […]

Why the US-UK economic model fails the test on almost all counts

by Michael Meacher.

Whilst the City of London, the Stock Exchange and super-rich investors strive continually to assure us that growth is returning and that we can all soon return to business-as-usual as though the biggest financial crash for a century was just an unfortuante blip rather than integral to the core system, they never ask the really […]

Revitalise the north – don’t make it quicker to escape

by Megan Davies.

Public investment: jobs created, facilities improved, recession tackled- surely it’s no bad thing. It’s the antidote to austerity we’ve all pleaded for. As Keynes once said, “the government should pay people to dig holes in the ground and then fill them up”. So, whether its high speed rail or hole digging, public investment in any […]

Heseltine right on economic intervention but wrong on funding

by Michael Meacher.

Heseltine (‘No Stone Unturned’) unapologetically advocates an industrial strategy with an important role for the State – an unexceptional proposal anywhere else except in Cameron’s Britain. As this Tory ex-Deputy Prime Minister frankly acknowledges: “I know of no other government that does not drive its growth agenda in the interest of its own economy”.

Principles of a new economy

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Yesterday the Bank of England laid bare what an economic omnishambles Britain is in. When blame is apportioned we have to take our fair share. We didn’t do enough to regulate a financial sector that was obviously out of control, we chucked bad money after good into wasteful schemes like Private Finance Initiative. We didn’t […]

Heard about the plan for manufacturing?

by Michael Meacher.

As the party conference season ends, with an air of unreality which lifts the divide between politicians and people to new unheard-of levels (which takes some doing), there has been one extraordinary omission from all the babble of the last 3 weeks which takes the breath away about the state we’re in. Everyone, including the […]

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