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The Beckett report won’t help the 4.5%ers ’til they explain their own crushing defeat

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s unusual for a dull, internal party report to become a cause celebre, but these are unusual times. For the last week comrades who follow Progress and Labour First folk may have found them talking an awful lot about the Beckett Report. There’s even a petition about it. Commissioned to find out to explain why […]

Today MPs will determine whether party members get real choice and real debate

by Jon Lansman.

Shortly after midday today we will learn whether Labour MPs have determined whether the party’s 200,000 plus members will be allowed to vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be their leader, whether a proper debate about what went wrong in May and what we need to do to put it right in five years time will be allowed to happen. Although many […]

Contest in the Parliamentary Party – foul play alleged

by Jon Lansman.

Democracy is alive and well in the Parliamentary Labour Party. There is to be an election.  Not for the PLP (backbench) vacancy on the party’s national executive caused by the promotion to the front bench of Angela Smith. She is to be replaced by Margaret Beckett, elected unopposed (and yes, she is a backbencher), such […]

Parliamentary Labour Party considers abolishing shadow cabinet elections

by Jon Lansman.

The Parliamentary Labour Party last night agreed to ballot this week on changes to its internal democracy – options include abolishing elections for all or part of the shadow cabinet, and, if elections are retained, reducing their frequency. The move will shock many members of the party at a time when all five leadership candidates […]

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