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Italians say No to Monti

by Tom Gill.

As many as 150,000 Italians marched through Rome Saturday in what was dubbed “No Monti Day,” in reference to the unpopular policies of unelected Prime Minister Mario Monti that are sending the country into a downward spiral of recession. Trade unionists, leftwing parties, teachers, hospital staff and other workers, non-governmental organisations, artists, members of Italy’s […]

Italy: teachers and students protest over cuts in 90 cities

by Tom Gill.

Italian students staged demonstrations Friday in 90 cities to protest against ‘the sale of public schools and destruction of universities’ in action that coincided with a national teachers’ strike. ‘We are demonstrating to state our total opposition to the draft law 953 which would scrap students’ representatives in school boards and would enable private companies […]

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