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Carney’s rose-spectacled survey of the economy as Parliament returns does not convince

by Michael Meacher.

The UK economy’s ticking over fine: that’s the view of Carney, Osborne’s man. So that’s alright then. Or is it? With time-honoured spin we were treated to the most optimistic scenario on every count, with the flip-side downturn kept carefully out of sight. His central message was that “there is no clear evidence of deflationary […]

Syriza has interesting allies: Vladimir Putin and Mark Carney

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

By their friends shall ye know them? This old adage has got some folks feeling a bit uncomfortable as the new Syriza government apparently cosies up to Mother Russia. This is by no means a new thing. Last year Alexis Tsipras provided Putin’s interventions in Ukraine with some political cover. Interesting friends of Syriza are […]

The next Labour government must address casualisation

by Andy Newman.

Mark Carney’s speech to the TUC Congress yesterday was interesting, and it was right for the unions to invite him. As major civil society institutions with mass membership, the trade unions can and should seek to influence the parameters of democratic debate unmediated by political parties, alongside of course the different strategies for engagement through […]

Carney, protege of Osborne, struts his Goldman Sachs stuff

by Michael Meacher.

So Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor, thinks it wrong for the EU to demand a ‘crude’ bankers’ bonus cap of 200% of base salary, and also thinks it wrong to break up large banks in order to produce a more competitive industry. What a surprise! Carney is not an independent governor of the Bank […]

Mr Carney, you cannot fly to “Planet Croesus”

by Ann Pettifor.

On the 24th October, 2013 Mark Carney, the new governor of the Bank of England, made a plea for the UK to reclaim its place “at the heart of a renewed globalisation. Such engagement would be timely” he said, “because globalisation itself is under siege.” Mr Carney called for nothing less than that regulation of […]

Advice to Mark Carney: we need a spender of last resort

by Ann Pettifor.

Ann Pettifor was asked by the Today programme to record a message to Mark Carney, former Bank of Canada governor and Goldman Sachs banker, who starts work today as governor of the Bank of England following the departure of Mervyn King. Although it was in the end not broadcast, the advice  stands. Welcome Mr Carney to […]

Mark Carney’s shock appointment means more of the same

by Ann Pettifor.

This week the chancellor confirmed that there will be no real change at the Bank of England. There will be no change to the Treasury and Bank of England’s obsession with inflation targeting and “price stability”. Above all, he confirmed that there will be no reining-in of the banks; that banks will not be re-structured – […]

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