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One year on: why sport matters for the left

by Mark Perryman.

Of course how fast an individual can run, how far they can chuck an object, how high they can jump hardly matters at all in the greater scheme of global justice and human rights. But that isn’t what is being claimed on behalf of sport here. Rather it is the grand emotional narrative sport can […]

A formation for the Christmas tree: 2012’s best football books

by Mark Perryman.

Philosophy Football’s MARK PERRYMAN reveals the football books any fan would welcome as an addition to their bookshelf this Christmas Twenty years on from the 1992 publication of Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch it might be assumed that there wouldn’t be any subjects football-wise remaining to write a half-decent book about. It is true there’s a […]

The good, the bad and the orbit

by Mark Perryman.

Having written a book entitled ‘Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us’ I might have been expected to be crying into my energy drink for the past joyful few weeks for having such a woeful lack of judgement. Not a bit of it.

Three Reasons why the Olympics are Rubbish

by Carl Packman.

The opening ceremony might have been a triumph (liked by most, though of course not all), but the Economist, in a leader article, noted that many Britons now resent having to pay for it since it has started. Though to look at the cost alone is only one aspect of why the Olympic grand project went pear-shaped. […]

On the roads of Surrey, another Olympics

by Mark Perryman.

No expensive and hard-to-come-by ticket required. A front row seat guaranteed. Precious little commercialisation, bring your own barbecue. And a Gold Medal performance. Wednesday’s Cycling Time Trial had all the components of the better Olympics I have made the case for in my book Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us And How They Can Be.

A day at the olympics, pluses and minuses

by Mark Perryman.

Over the past few days I’ve lost count of the number of politicians decrying critics of the Olympics. Labour’s newly appointed ‘Olympic Legacy Adviser’ Tony Blair has returned to one of his favourite themes, declaring war on cynicism. Boris Johnson joins the chorus of boasts that the Games proves London to be the world’s greatest city. And in the press Jonathan Freedland has been amongst those demanding that enthusiasm for the Games must trump any tendency towards critique.

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