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Meacher was scholarly, considerate and magnificently right on the big issues

by Ann Pettifor.

Michael Meacher has died as he lived, seldom attracting any fuss or attention, and seldom burdening his friends and comrades. That makes me sad, as he was a man deserving of attention – and not just as he was dying. He was marginalised for most of his political life, often by the same people that will […]

No country is an island, not even Miliband’s Britain

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

A strange calm has settled over the Labour Party. There are debates over trade union influence, over what needs to be done to retain those poll leads, but when it comes to the question of political economy there is almost unanimity. From the left in the LRC to the right in Progress there is an […]

The best of the rest: the economy, books and culture

by Newsdesk.

Yesterday, we gave you our top picks from our year’s coverage of Labour politics. Today, we’ve put the spotlight on the issues we’ve discussed that aren’t so closely related to party democracy and the like – and there’s quite a range. In May, Britain was graced with the appearance of the Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul […]

Winning Labour sets its sights on winning back Labour’s lost 5 million votes

by Richard Burgon.

Last weekend Yorkshire-based trade union-backed Labour campaign, WinningLabour, held its first national day conference. Set up last year, it aims to promote radical and practical debate about how to win back the 5 million votes Labour lost between 1997 and 2010, embracing three core themes.

Leadership or Impossibilism?

by Bob Clay.

There will be many on the Left who feel that the outcome of the general election could have been a lot worse. The Tories and Liberal Democrats could be exposed as the utterly unprincipled opposite of the bringers of ‘new politics’ in which guise the media has promoted them. Whilst they render themselves more and […]

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