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No truth and justice as decision on Orgreave investigation stays secret

by Jon Trickett.

I have written to the chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) requesting an explanation of the continuing delays in determining how they will proceed in the investigation of the events at Orgreave during the miners’ strike, 30 years ago. The miners that were there, their families, campaigners and the local communities are not primarily […]

Pride trailer: lesbians and gays support the miners

by Newsdesk.

Pride is inspired by an extraordinary true story. It’s the summer of 1984, Margaret Thatcher is in power and the National Union of Mineworkers is on strike, prompting a London-based group of gay and lesbian activists to raise money to support the strikers’ families. Initially rebuffed by the union, the group identifies a tiny mining […]

We must look back with anger

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

My home village was built on coal. All the local mines had shut before 1984 and open casting was the name of the game. Up until I left home you could see great mountains of slag and earth crouching on the horizon, the engines and buzzers of diggers echoing across the landscape early every morning. […]

30 years of foot-dragging over Orgreave must end

by Michael Meacher.

It is bizarre that the so-called Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has now spent 18 months dancing round the maypole trying to decide whether to launch a full inquiry into police corruption surrounding Orgreave in June 1984. With a typical establishment euphemism they are engaged in a ‘scoping inquiry’ (for which read: time-wasting) as to […]

London remembers Orgreave

by Mark Perryman.

Thirty years ago in June the defining moment of the Miners Strike. Mark Perryman explains why London is due to host an anniversary truth and justice benefit concert. Orgreave, Yorkshire, 18 June 1984. The mass picket vs the massed police. Four months into the dispute this in many ways was the Miners Strike’s defining moment. The […]

Florence Anderson: it takes guts to win

by Newsdesk.

On International Women’s Day in the year of the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike, we should remember the huge contribution of women to the miners’ struggle. One of those women is Florence Anderson, who said in 1984 that the children and grandchildren of the striking miners will have pride, “not only in what their […]

Forget the whitewash: was the miners’ strike modern politics in action?

by Mark Perryman.

Philosophy Football have produced a T-shirt to raise funds for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. MARK PERRYMAN explains why the miners’ strike still matters 30 years on. Do you remember 1984-85? Digging deep for the miners. Frankie Goes to Hollywood at number one. Everton win the league championship. And a medium-sized T-shirt was ample […]

Political Scandal and Indifference

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Let’s look at what you would’ve won. No more privatisations. No market fundamentalism. An extension of trade union rights. A thriving mining industry using the most advanced technology in the world. A joined up approach to finance and industry. A strong labour movement. Communities proud of their history. All under three successive Labour governments, dating […]

Support the heroes of Orgreave

by Grahame Morris.

The pictures will be forever ingrained on our minds. They were so powerful that in 1984 the late Jo Richardson MP held up one of them in front of the Labour Party Conference, and the World’s media.  It showed a mounted policeman, baton raised, charging a woman whose only defence was to raise her arm […]

Farmers for Action: hail the new NUM

by David Osler.

My great-grandfather was a pig dealer. I revealed this fact to me oldest daughter recently and she instantly replied in what was – I hope – all innocence: ‘Is that like a drugs dealer?’ Generations of Oslers past relied on agriculture for their livings, perhaps for hundreds of years back, as far as I can […]

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