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MPs, journalists and moral collapse

by Jon Lansman.

After the August riots, Ed Miliband rightly made a connection between the “me-first” culture evident in the riots and that which was displayed in the scandals involving MPs’ expenses and phone hacking. And yet, in spite of the connection that is now frequently made between those two scandals, there has been an unsurprising lack of […]

Cameron and Blair both muddle-headed on cause of riots

by Michael Meacher.

Well, well, well. Who said “there are deep problems in our society that have been growing for a long time: a decline in responsibility, a rise in selfishness, a growing sense that individual rights come before anything else”? Cameron. And where does he think the selfishness and fixation on individualism came from, if not from […]

Bankers and rioters share a common impulse: take what you can and stuff society

by Michael Meacher.

The Tory mantra is more to the point than many of them realise. Taking advantage, squeezing every last bit out of the system, illegally if necessary and without any regard for the effect on everyone else – because you can – is now endemic at all levels of society. The bankers did it by deliberately […]

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