Freeze Mubarak’s assets and send him to The Hague

The energy from the celebrations in Egypt is infectious. Images of complete strangers embracing in the street like they were family, awash in chants of victory and tears of freedom. But alongside the euphoria is the knowledge that much of the long road to liberation still lies ahead. This is only the beginning.

The Guardian and others are reporting that the Mubarak family fortune amounts to over £44 billion. Bounty, pillaged by a corrupt regime from an oppressed people. The same outlets are also reporting that a lot of this money is tied up in property in the UK. The UK government should freeze all assets under its jurisdiction, pending investigation of crimes against humanity. Continue reading

Palestine and the Egyptian revolution, as seen from the Israeli bunker

We are in the middle of a geological event. An earthquake of epoch-making dimensions is changing the landscape of the Middle East. Mountains turn into valleys, islands emerge from the sea, volcanoes cover the land with lava. People are afraid of change. When it happens, they tend to deny, ignore, pretend that nothing really important is happening. Israelis are no exception. What is happening now in Egypt will change Israeli lives. Continue reading

Time to turn the screws on Israel for the sake of its own survival

Watching a succession of Western leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of German and Prime Minister Cameron of Britain speaking at the annual Munich Security Conference on Saturday, I was struck by the huge importance they attached to the fast moving events in Egypt, and the wider Arab World. It was almost as though the enormity of what is unfolding – Egypt is hugely strategic and pivotal – was obliging these leaders to realise for the first time the possible knock on effects  in the region. Continue reading

Egypt on the brink – of what?

It’s not about Mubarak any more.   For all practical purposes he’s already gone.    The issue now is the succession.   Mubarak has not resigned or been deposed, but the power has already shifted to the most dangerous man in the leadership, Omar Suleiman, the former intelligence chief and now formally Vice-President, though already assuming the reins of Presidential power in all but name, a man soaked in the black arts of manipulative and dirty politics with all the ruthless self-interest of an Egyptian Mandelson. Continue reading

Israel cannot avoid the Arab storm

It says a great deal about fear and paranoia that the Arab street reserves for Israel, that some credence is being attached to claims that Israeli agent provocateurs are helping to stoke up opposition to protestors demanding democracy in Egypt.  The claim is that plain clothes Israeli agents are helping to orchestrate the pro Mubarak mob – an improbable collection of off duty policemen and thugs, oddly reminiscent of the Workers Militia in one time communist East Germany. Continue reading