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N30 not a one-off – it is the start

by Union News.

Left Futures coverage will be limited today because we are engaged in various activities in support of the strike but live coverage of today’s events can be found at Union News.

It’s not the Labour left that’s stuck in a time warp

by James Bloodworth.

Julian Petley, co-author of the book Culture Wars, once observed that the British press had ‘perfected a way of representing the ideas and personalities associated with socialism as so deranged and psychotic that they presented a danger to society.’ It’s no secret that New Labour was evolved in part to counteract Labour’s image problems in the […]

The case for the strike is overwhelming

by Michael Meacher.

Danny Alexander’s main argument is that lower and middle earners will be better off in retirement as a result of the Government’s improved proposals announced on 2nd November. But this is a sleight of hand. What he has done is calculate that if such an earner worked longer and retired later, he or she would […]

N30: trade unions only look dead

by David Osler.

Hardliners. Militants itching for a fight. Michael Gove is in no doubt about who is responsible for N30. Yet there are a couple of fundamental flaws with the education secretary’s assertion that those taking part in Wednesday’s  public sector stoppage are being manipulated by an unrepresentative clique of hard left union bosses.

N30: join the private sector wealth creators’ bloc

by David Osler.

Good thing I won’t have to take David Cameron up on his stupid idea of bringing the kids into the office when teachers go on strike next Wednesday. I can just picture the chaos that would inevitably result. The 11 year old would sulk in a corner all day long, telling anyone who politely introduced themselves […]

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