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Young Labour committee votes to discuss policy no more than every two years

by Conrad Landin.

At October’s Young Labour national committee meeting, committee members, including chair Simon Darvill and NEC rep Bex Bailey, voted to reject two motions as agenda items: on the grounds that it was not the committee’s place to pass substantive motions, and that this should be left to the biennial policy conference. This has a very […]

Left surge forward in Young Labour – but more at stake this weekend

by Keith Wright.

For the past month, Young Labour members have been voting for their representatives on the youth section’s supposed ruling body – the Young Labour National Committee. When the ballots opened, I did some analysis of who could be considered left candidates, and who would be worth supporting. The results are now in for the regional […]

Young Labour: who are the left candidates?

by Keith Wright.

At Europe-wide conventions of socialist youth organisations, Britain’s Young Labour was known until recently as “the Blair witch project”. Since the organisation replaced the Militant-dominated Labour Party Young Socialists in 1992, it has been dominated by those on the hard right of the party, maintained by a culture of fixing and until a few years […]

Let’s make Young Labour accountable

by Conrad Landin.

As elections for the national committee of Young Labour loom on the horizon, young members will be asking: what did they ever do for us? You might think this unfair. It’s possible that the committee members work very hard (I know, in fact, of a number that do.) But with no accountability and no sense […]

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