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Why Labour is the Left’s only hope

by Owen Jones.

It’s a debate that has raged on the left since 1900, when an alliance of trade unions and left-wing groups decided that working people needed a political voice and set up the Labour Representation Committee. Is Labour the left’s only hope, or is it a thoroughly reactionary obstacle on the glorious onwards march to socialism?

Muck-raking through the Wasted Years

by Mark Seddon.

“Mad, bad and dangerous”, these are the epithets apparently attached to Gordon Brown, by Tony Blair our previous Prime Minister but one. They form the centre piece of some very serious muck raking by the man who tried to play both of them off against each other throughout Labour’s thirteen years in Government, Peter Mandelson. […]

Wanted: A Labour Truth and Reconciliation Commission

by Mark Seddon.

Peter Mandelson and David Miliband have both pronounced that “New Labour is dead”. The former announced somewhat theatrically that “New Labour died on May 7”, the latter, glibly, that it was now time for “Next Labour”.  Before the best minds and energies of those who became most exercised by the vacuities of the “Third Way” […]

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