Support the Labour Assembly Against Austerity

austerity-isnt-workingCampaigning group Next Generation Labour (NGL) has established itself as a leading voice within the Labour party against George Osborne’s austerity package, to which the party leadership has made dangerous concessions.

Many on the Labour left have professed their support for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, a gathering of trade unions, diverse campaign groups and activists. They hope that it can fill the void in the austerity debate that results from all three main parties being committed to the economically-disastrous policy in some form.

Now NGL and others are affirming that if an anti-austerity movement can challenge the Labour leadership, it must come explicitly from within the party grassroots. They are calling for a “Labour Assembly Against Austerity”, in support of the People’s Assembly movement, to be held in September.

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