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Could NO2EU reach the pinnacle of pathetic political performance?

by Jon Lansman.

Two weeks ago NO2EU candidates managed to win the support, as we reported, of 0.2% of voters in the European elections, or 0.3% of those constituencies in which it stood. Sadly, this was not good, even by the scant standards of the British far left, which Dr Burton-Cartledge informed us are expected to be in […]

No2EU and far left election results

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

For inveterate leftist trainspotters, only one question demands an answer: how did No2EU do? (No2EU is a joint slate backed by rail union RMT, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party of Britain) You can find the answer below, along with any other far left also rans who paid down the hefty deposit and made their way onto the […]

Revisiting No2EU

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

If it wasn’t for UKIP, it’s fair to say most people wouldn’t know European elections are in the offing. Yet while the media buzzes about Farage’s one-man party and what the mainstream are doing about it, the ballot paper is littered with anti-EU also rans. Here in the West Mids there’s the BNP and English […]

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