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Parents should be angry…. with Michael Gove

by Grahame Morris.

Today I am in Durham to address the People’s Assembly as teachers across the country are on strike over pay, pensions and conditions. Parents are right to be angry. No teacher wants to go on strike; they know the disruption it causes to families and most importantly the children. However, while Ministers are on TV, […]

Defend the teachers

by Darrell Goodliffe.

It is a peculiar quirk of capitalist thinking that the individual ambition of workers is lauded and encouraged but the ambition of a group of workers to protect their position is one of the deadliest sins you can commit. Indeed, one of the major ironies of the proposals put forward by Hutton for public sector pension […]

Parents reject ‘free schools’

by Jon Lansman.

A YouGov survey commissioned by the NUT of parents in the 22 local authorities where the proposed 25 Free Schools are scheduled to open shows a clear rejection of the Government’s flagship education proposal. Over three-quarters (78%) of parents believed that children in Free Schools should only be taught by qualified teachers and 81%, believed that […]

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