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Michael Winner: 1935 – 2013

by John Millington.

Michael Winner whose death was announced yesterday was a film director, food critic and all round eccentric. I am certainly not in favour of trashing the name of the recently deceased. Every person who dies has a family somewhere who is grieving and Michael Winner is no exception. But by the same token I for one cannot join […]

Alex Falconer – an appreciation

by Richard Leonard.

Born 1st April 1940, Died 12th August 2012. Alex Falconer who has died was an inspirational figure on the Left. Fragments of Alex Falconer’s life will be well known to anyone who came along to hear him speak, because his politics came from his own life experience and he wasn’t afraid to be autobiographical. So […]

Alexander Cockburn: the Christopher Hitchens who the left could love until the end

by Carl Packman.

Journalists are ten a penny today. Every other person you meet is one, in one sense or another. And that’s not because we all hang out in particularly meretricious settings with the haves (not the have-nots), but because we’re all writing, all giving our opinion, all setting the tone among our friends and beyond. That’s […]

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