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It’s not the Labour left that’s stuck in a time warp

by James Bloodworth.

Julian Petley, co-author of the book Culture Wars, once observed that the British press had ‘perfected a way of representing the ideas and personalities associated with socialism as so deranged and psychotic that they presented a danger to society.’ It’s no secret that New Labour was evolved in part to counteract Labour’s image problems in the […]

Occupy whatever it takes

by Michael Meacher.

Now that the deeply reactionary Corporation of the City of London have decided to uproot Occupy London, bang on cue with Mayor Bloomberg’s similar action in Zuccotti Park in New York and under the same specious pretext of health and safety, the question arises as to where Occupy goes from here.

Unlike bishops, Tory Chancellors have no shame

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne does not do shame. The 0.5% growth in the third quarter, which may well be pared down by further revision of the figures as happened in both the previous quarters, is anything but the triumph Osborne hailed it as. At 3 years after the start of the Great Depression in 1930 the UK economy […]

OccupyLSX: vicars in a twist

by David Osler.

The OccupyLSX protest outside St Paul Cathedral seems to have boosted the rate of attrition among senior Anglican clergy to levels last seen in the mid-1550s. Given that the Church of England is factionally riven to the point that exposes the far left as wilful amateurs in the backstabbing stakes, we probably do not know […]

What moral right does this council of the 1% have to evict those who defend the 99%?

by Jon Lansman.

The Corporation of London represents the 1% in a very precise way. They are its electorate. Most “electors” in the City of London (approximately 24,000 in 2009) are appointed by corporations — most of which are engaged in banking or financial services — as are the elected councillors.

No more will the super-rich escape scrutiny

by Michael Meacher.

How did the super-rich get away with flaunting the extreme and disgusting excesses of wealth for so long, without hardly a ripple of disapproval? And why is the issue now being propelled to the front of the political agenda, first by the August riots and now only 2 months later by Occupy LSX?

#OccupyLSX is a peaceful protest and deserves a hearing

by Ken Livingstone.

This has been a peaceful protest, and it should be approached on that basis. City Hall has a duty to accommodate those who wish to protest in London and ensure their safety whilst ensuring the London does not grind to a halt. No one wants or expects there to be permanent camps – all protests […]

When will this scream of hurt and anger be heard?

by Michael Meacher.

I went to Occupy LSX outside St. Paul’s today after delivering a speech at a conference on how the banks had taken over and grossly abused in their own self-interest the control of the money supply. It is critical to our economy and the future of the British State, yet it has never been discussed […]

Labour – winning as the party of the bottom 99%

by Lee Brown.

The occupy movements across the world have already succeeded in focussing the debate on the huge disparities between the very wealthy and the “bottom 99%”. This slogan mainly reflects the immediate anger felt across society to how a crisis that originated in the financial sector is now driving down the majority’s living standards, through the […]

Labour must get to grips with the surge of outrage sweeping the world

by Michael Meacher.

Occupy Wall Street, London and 900 other cities across the world challenges the Labour Party to demonstrate that it’s not just a clique holed up in the corridors of Westminster, but a mass campaigning organisation that reaches out to the people and responds to their demands.   The second Occupation site now established in London’s Finsbury […]

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