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Lessons from Oldham for the 4.5%ers

by Dave Watson.

There has been little so entertaining this week as reading the bemused response to the Oldham by-election result in the mainstream media. All those ‘Corbyn must go’ stories had to binned and a whole raft of explanations dreamt up to explain why it didn’t go to script. Just for the record, Labour’s candidate Jim McMahon […]

Oldham by-election triumph for McMahon, Corbyn & the late Michael Meacher

by Jon Lansman.

At 7pm yesterday, the Daily Mirror was predicting a “dismal result for Labour” in the Oldham West and Royton by-election. Winning with a majority of 10,722 or 38.7% was a spectacular result for Labour, for Jim McMahon, for Jeremy Corbyn and, it must be added, for Michael Meacher who had held the seat for 45 […]

Get over yourself, Kate Godfrey

by David Osland.

Last time I checked, the aims and values section of the Labour Party constitution did not include the advancement of the career of Kate Godfrey among its guiding principles. So unless it has subsequently been so amended and I somehow missed the press release, the special snowflake’s failure to make it onto the longlist of potential […]

Lies, damned lies and the people’s verdict

by Jon Lansman.

The Lib Dems forced a by-election in Oldham East and Saddleworth, accusing Labour’s Phil Woolas of lying. It turns out that the public think the Lib Dems are the bigger liars, and have punished them accordingly. By winning 42% of the vote, 10% more than the Lib Dems compared with less than ¼% at the […]

Oldham East – about truth & honesty as well as the cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Having just done a day’s campaigning on the knocker in the Oldham East by-election, I was struck by two things.   One is that Labour is beginning to pull away (on today’s showing I would predict a Labour victory of some 2,000-3,000), partly because its opponents are tying themselves in knots.   The LibDems are hoist on […]

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