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Three Reasons why the Olympics are Rubbish

by Carl Packman.

The opening ceremony might have been a triumph (liked by most, though of course not all), but the Economist, in a leader article, noted that many Britons now resent having to pay for it since it has started. Though to look at the cost alone is only one aspect of why the Olympic grand project went pear-shaped. […]

Alternative Opening Ceremony demands a “Games for all!”

by Newsdesk.

Featuring comic Paul Sinha, world-record breaking juggler Rod Laver, Tricity Vogue and her All-Girl Swing Band the film of the Alternative Opening Ceremony organised by Philosophy Football with the TUC and Playfair 2012 mixes campaign messages and dissident entertainment to create a sparkling 13 minutes of YouTube gold.

On the roads of Surrey, another Olympics

by Mark Perryman.

No expensive and hard-to-come-by ticket required. A front row seat guaranteed. Precious little commercialisation, bring your own barbecue. And a Gold Medal performance. Wednesday’s Cycling Time Trial had all the components of the better Olympics I have made the case for in my book Why The Olympics Aren’t Good For Us And How They Can Be.

Join The Atos Games!

by Newsdesk.

On your marks, get set… for a week of Paralympic fun and games against Atos! From Monday 27 to Friday 31 August, join Disabled People Against Cuts for The Atos Games – five days of action against a company that’s sponsoring the Paralympics but wrecking disabled people’s lives. We are calling on disabled people, disabled activists, families, colleagues, friends and […]

A day at the olympics, pluses and minuses

by Mark Perryman.

Over the past few days I’ve lost count of the number of politicians decrying critics of the Olympics. Labour’s newly appointed ‘Olympic Legacy Adviser’ Tony Blair has returned to one of his favourite themes, declaring war on cynicism. Boris Johnson joins the chorus of boasts that the Games proves London to be the world’s greatest city. And in the press Jonathan Freedland has been amongst those demanding that enthusiasm for the Games must trump any tendency towards critique.

A Home Games but for whom?

by Mark Perryman.

With the start of London 2012 upon us author of a new book on the Olympics Mark Perryman questions who will, and won’t, get the tickets. Just one click away and the Olympic tickets are mine. I’ve plumped for the Bronze Medal men’s hockey match, which leaves me treacherously hoping Team GB will be battling […]

A less biased history from the opening ceremony

by Conrad Landin.

This year, our TVs have been dominated by a very certain version of history. As the BBC fawned over the diamond jubilee, Dominic Curran, writing on Left Futures, was right to point out another British tradition and history: that of radicalism. And to my surprise, this was at least recognised in tonight’s opening ceremony, even […]

A game of two halves

by admin.

With his book offering a blueprint for a better Olympics published this week author Mark Perryman explains his Five New Rings. Seb Coe and the London Olympics Organising Committee, Cameron and his hapless Minister of Culture, Jeremy Hunt, their predecessors, Brown, Blair and Tessa Jowell. All of them cling to a bipartisan consensus that everything […]

Keeping the flags flying

by Mark Perryman.

With England out of Euro 2012 on penalties the flag-waving build up to the London Olympics begins in earnest. MARK PERRYMAN explores the changing shape of sports nationalism, and internationalism. David Hemery burning his way round the track to victory in the 400m hurdles, Mexico 1968. Mary Peters defying gravity as she hauls her frame […]

Free the Olympics

by Mark Perryman.

In this summer of Euro 2012 and the London Olympics , both dominated by product sponsors, MARK PERRYMAN points to a third, major sporting event with less emphasis on corporate control and more on popular participation … Modern sport isn’t simply a contest between teams or individuals. It is also increasingly an arena which corporate […]

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