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How Cameron is lining up Osborne as his successor

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

As I’ve argued previously, the tradition these days is to read the chancellor’s and leader’s speeches as two parts of a piece. The former sets out the economic fiddlys and route to boom-time Britain, and the latter does the feels: the vision, the philosophy, the kind of society government is set on bringing into being. […]

Despite claims of a recovery, UK productivity is stagnant

by Michael Meacher.

The basic reason why UK wage growth has been virtually flat for a decade, at a level still 6% below pre-2008-9 levels, is Osborne’s relentless squeeze on benefits, tax credits, low pay and public expenditure. But there are two other very important contributory causes. One is that the proportion of our national income which we […]

Labour should be cautious of adopting Osborne’s fiscal charter

by Michael Meacher.

There is now a strange air of unreality about the handling of the deficit. Osborne has made it centrepiece of his political narrative, although his prime motivation is not to reduce the deficit, but to shrink the State and the deficit gives him the pretext to do it. Even if it was his prime objective, […]

Fat cats won’t lose a moment’s sleep over Osborne’s banking bill

by Michael Meacher.

Arguably the most important bill in a weak and flaccid Queen’s Speech today is the Banking Bill. But it is a fiasco. It has one central objective – to prevent too-big-to fail banks from being bankrupted by the recklessness of their investment bankers and requiring another gargantuan bail-out at ruinous cost to taxpayers and deep […]

Osborne’s deficit reduction is just a pretext

by Michael Meacher.

To fill a Budget with populist gimmicks while wholly ignoring the economic fundamentals that are remorselessly driving this country into a semi-permanent stagnation is to degrade the high office of Chancellor. The home loans scheme has more than a whiff of sub-prime about it, luring those without the means to buy a house they cannot afford […]

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