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‘Picking sides’ – A short reply to Owen Jones

by James Elliott.

Electoral politics, especially in a two-horse race or First Past the Post system, is perhaps politics in its crudest form. They can lead us to uncritical cheerleading, to the politics of ‘lesser evilism’, and putting-up while shutting-up, rather than making nuanced arguments, offering critical support, or demanding policies that are not yet on the table. Resisting this […]

Fear is changing sides in Spain

by Mike Phipps.

Hundreds attended a meeting packed to overflowing – mainly young people, many Spanish – in London this weekend to hear a three-way debate between Owen Jones, Ken Loach and leaders of the new Spanish organisation Podemos, which took five seats in the European Parliament in May just three months after being formed. One of the new […]

Capitalism and poverty: what Toby Young doesn’t tell you

by David Osland.

Cut a graph from a leading Washington neoconservative website, paste it onto your Telegraph blog, and tack on a few paragraphs presenting the result as irrefutable proof of the superiority of your preferred economic system. If only all of the enduring arguments of political philosophy could be sorted out as easily as that. Such was […]

The left are more realistic about the working class vote than some think

by Carl Packman.

Since the publication of Progress’ Class edition, and the polling that has been done through YouGov, there seems to be some confusion about how the left perceive the voting behaviour of working class people in Britain. Reading Luke Akehurst’s fair piece on LabourList, aside from the harsh reality-check that working class voters in this country […]

Owen Jones and the prospects for neo-Bennism

by David Osler.

The Daily Express was once the largest circulation newspaper in the world, Frederick Forsyth was once this country’s best-selling novelist, and Labour leftism was once a force that could not ignored. All of these statements, dear younger reader, are astounding but true. So I was highly amused to see that the website of the has-been […]

Happy Birthday Keir Hardie

by Carl Packman.

The 156th anniversary of the birthday of one of the Labour party’s finest minds, if not the finest, should be a day to celebrate – for without him we wouldn’t have had Attlee, Bevan and Castle and the soul of the party would have been different. The post-war settlement, the NHS, the only woman to […]

Red, white, (purple) or blue? Just Labour

by Lucy Reese.

It was an event I’d been looking forward to for a while – a debate on the future of Labour. The speakers were Owen Jones (needs no introduction), Richard Angell of Progress and Patrick McFarlane of so-called Blue Labour.

The complex legacy of Tony Blair

by Andy Newman.

The rise of Owen Jones as a persuasive and articulate exponent of socialist politics is certainly a very welcome development, and the reach of his articles in the Independent gives him a useful vehicle for propagating left-wing ideals, which he does very well. However, I want to take issue with Owen’s recent article about Tony Blair. One of biggest intellectual challenges for […]

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