No more Page 3… but don’t be fooled

No more page 3 T-shirtAt long last Page 3, The Sun’s long-running big-breasted totem is to be shelved … and replaced with scantily clad young women covering up that little bit more. A victory? I suppose it is one, of sorts. It’s clearly a pay off for the No More Page 3 campaign. I wonder if the rest of the left will emulate its example and realise that taking a hectoring, berating tone is not always the best way of going about things? However, when Uncle Rupert said Page 3 was old-fashioned, the writing was on the wall.

There are a couple of things about this that need noting. First of all, the dirty digger was right. The number of people who still buy The Sun to ogle some boobs must surely by now be a vanishingly tiny minority. The ubiquity of porn and its ready availability absolutely everywhere, provided you have the appropriate technology, rendered that selling point obsolete well over 10 years ago. What purpose did it serve between then and now from a commercial point of view, apart from content filler? Nothing, though it hasn’t stopped some idiots from trying to get a Je suis Page 3 meme going. Continue reading

How sixth-formers took on lads mags and Tesco – and won

Murdoch: about to surrender?Recently, or so I have heard, Rupert Murdoch said he was ‘considering’ reforming page 3. After a day of being bombarded by tweets from supporters of the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign, stating why they thought that Page 3 should be consigned to the past, Murdoch responded: “page three so last century! You may be right”.

My sixth-form’s feminist group cannot boast playing any part in this step towards success in the international fight to reduce the objectification of women, we did run a similar campaign last year, on a local level.

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