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Union money is the cleanest in politics. Tony Blair’s is not. Let him keep it

by Jon Lansman.

The New Statesman reveals today that Tony Blair, who again praised Miliband’s party reforms at the weekend, is considering making a “large donation” to Labour. How appropriate. The party turns its back on trade union money which even those closest to Ed Miliband still admit is the “cleanest money in politics”, and turn instead to someone now reputedly worth […]

Party funding: Ed moves in the right direction but the devil’s in the detail

by Jon Lansman.

For the Labour Left, the critical issue about party funding has been protecting the Labour-Union link. The trade unions founded Labour to represent the interests of working people, who at the time were disenfranchised and without a voice. Unique amongst European social democratic parties, Labour’s link isn’t just about money, it remain’s crucial to its […]

Kelly report: attacking Labour’s politics, not just its funding

by Jon Lansman.

The Kelly report may have been subtitled “Ending the big donor culture” but what it would most effectively stop is the money Labour receives from millions of Britain’s smallest donors, trade unionists who, according to TULO, mostly pay between £5 and £8 per year to their union’s political fund, who can already choose not to do so […]

Stop the Tory scam on party funding

by Michael Meacher.

Tomorrow, the Committee on Standards in Public Life will consider accepting the Tory proposal to cap political donations in the range £10,000 to £50,000. This is patently a device designed to hurt Labour disproportionately by putting a low limit on donations from the major unions. Research shows that whilst under the present uncapped arrangements the […]

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