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Unite offers Miliband an olive branch, with clear red lines

by Jon Lansman.

The executive council of Unite the Union yesterday offered Ed Miliband a compromise in his efforts to “mend the link” between Labour and the trade unions, but also set out the red lines which it is not prepared to cross. In a unanimous decision, it welcomed “any measures which increase the involvement of individual trade […]

Christine Shawcroft reports back on Labour’s September executive

by Christine Shawcroft.

Report of the national executive committee (NEC) meeting held on 17 September 2013 The NEC before Conference is usually dominated by conference arrangements, arguing about constitutional amendments, and so on, but this meeting was overshadowed by the Collins review of party “reform”. Not that anyone’s seen it yet. What I find hard to take is the […]

The Collins inquiry (part 2): what role trade unions should play within Labour

by Keith Ewing.

The Collins review into the Labour party – trade union link has two fundamental questions to consider. The first is whether trade unions should continue the practice of collective affiliation, and if so on what terms. The other is what role trade unions and their members should play within the Labour party. Yesterday I suggested […]

The Collins inquiry (part 1): Weighing up the options

by Keith Ewing.

This is part one of two on the Collins review into the Labour Party-trade union link. Ed Miliband’s plans to dilute the role of trade unions in the Labour Party are already encountering strong resistance from activists. Senior trade unionists have spoken out against the proposals and a campaign has recently been launched to Defend […]

Campaign to oppose primaries

by Jon Lansman.

The Labour Party is calling on its members to let its leaders know by Friday 13 September what they think about Ed Miliband’s proposals on “building a better Labour Party, so we can build a better Britain.” Tell us how you’d build a better Labour Party – a party that is rooted in the hopes of the British people, that reaches […]

London Labour: in need of some refounding

by Jon Lansman.

In a packed hall a mile from London’s Olympic park, the London Labour Party’s biennial conference was in bullish mood this last weekend. In spite of the loss of last year’s mayoral election, delegates and platform alike sounded confident that London Labour is in good shape electorally, as well as determined and radical in its […]

Labour candidate selection: UPDATE

by Jon Lansman.

Yesterday we reported on changes to Labour’s parliamentary candidate selection procedures. We did so on having spoken to members of the executive about the meeting and the content of the papers they had received. Unfortunately, we got it wrong in some respects — and fortunately the changes turn out to be better than we’d understood […]

Labour executive tinkers with candidate selection but radical surgery needed

by Jon Lansman.

(With Postscript on by-elections and late selections and please also see this update) Selecting a parliamentary candidate in a winnable seat is perhaps the greatest influence a party member has on the political process. And it might happen only once in 20 or 30 years. You would think Labour’s national executive would give it serious […]

Ann Black’s report from September’s Labour executive and conference

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee (NEC), September / October 2012, in London and Manchester NEC Meeting, Tuesday 25 September Ed Miliband previewed the themes of his conference speech:  continuing to attack the Tories for unfairness, incompetence and failure even in their own terms; showing how Labour could make a difference now; developing an economy that works for everyone; and […]

Ed fails to deliver on his promise of empowering members

by Jon Lansman.

At Labour’s national executive yesterday, Ed Miliband failed to deliver on his leadership campaign promise to give members more say in policy making. The final package of Refounding Labour measures they have agreed is shrouded in the language of empowering members, as were those introduced by Tony Blair in 1997 and Gordon Brown in 2007. The reality, […]

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