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Scotland: the patriot game’s a bogey

by Guest.

by the collective editorial team of Uncivil Society In the lead-up to the General Election, Scottish politics is constrained within the stifling discourse of who best represents the national interest. Whilst SNP billboards imagine a House of Commons complete with tartan benches, Jim Murphy has foisted a commitment to patriotism and the service of the nation […]

Some initial thoughts on Labour, patriotism and Tim Soutphommasane

by Carl Packman.

It has been the contention of some that the Englishness we speak of today is rather bleak and shrill, “based on loss and abandonment”, as Jon Cruddas recently put it. But the nation today will be in the throes of national ecstasy, nearing the closure of the Olympic games with 29 gold medals under our […]

Patriotism and the left

by Owen Jones.

“The workers have no country,” Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels famously wrote in The Communist Manifesto. “We cannot take from them what they have not got.” It’s an attitude that has long prevailed among a large number of socialists, though by no means all. When World War I erupted three decades after Marx’s death, many of […]

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