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PCS conference defeats its executive motion on merger with Unite

by Jon Lansman.

The annual conference of civil service union PCS, after a lengthy debate described both as ‘heated‘ and ‘balanced‘, voted this morning to reject the motion from its executive on a merger between PCS and Unite, by 109,326 to 73,212 on a card vote. The conference did pass an emergency motion which, based on reports on Left Futures […]

Is a Unite takeover of PCS desirable? Not if it divides the Labour movement

by Jon Lansman.

Discussions are, we hear, proceeding apace between Unite and civil service union, PCS, about what has until now been described within PCS as a merger but at the recent Unite executive (at which Len McCluskey got its backing for formal talks) was described as a “transfer of engagements“, aka “a takeover“. Many details remain to be discussed, but […]

Mark Serwotka backs Leanne Wood for Plaid leadership

by Newsdesk.

Plaid’s Leanne Wood has received the backing of Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), who called her “one of the most outstanding politicians in Wales.” Leanne Wood  has been a consistent supporter of picket lines and union rallies over the years in defence of pay and conditions for public sector workers […]

Andrew Fisher on Trade Unions: Wrong, wrong, wrong

by Andy Newman.

It is hard to imagine a more ill-judged intervention into the debates about the public sector pensions dispute than that of Andrew Fisher, joint secretary of the Labour Representation Committee, and I was therefore surprised to see it reproduced at Left Futures, and praised by Gregor Gall, who is usually an astute commentator on trade union affairs.

The Pensions dispute and the way forward for trade unions

by Andrew Fisher.

The November 30 strikes saw unprecedented unity in the union movement but the speed of its collapse illustrates just how tenuous it was. Despite claims to have extracted significant concessions from the government, unions that sign up to the government’s offer are really guilty of selling short not only their members but millions more whose […]

N30 not a one-off – it is the start

by Union News.

Left Futures coverage will be limited today because we are engaged in various activities in support of the strike but live coverage of today’s events can be found at Union News.

The Unions can win, and Ed shouldn’t knock them

by Jon Lansman.

Ed Miliband yesterday repeated his opposition to strike action: “Strikes are a sign of failure…. on both sides and Thursday’s industrial action is a mistake.” He is, to be fair more critical of the Government who are “reckless and provocative“. However, he clearly hadn’t read Andy Newman‘s explanation here of the distinction between the funded local […]

Pensions: the challenge of maintaining unity

by Andy Newman.

The difference in assessment of Monday’s pension talks between Mark Serwotka and Dave Prentis cannot be explained merely by the differing political outlooks of these two general secretaries. According to Mark the talks were “a farce”; whereas Dave Prentis said  “there was a sense that today we were in real negotiations”.

Unite and PCS create alliance against cuts

by Jon Lansman.

Two million workers joining together can fend off savage attacks on working people and their families — that’s the message from the conference of the Public and Commercial Services Union, one of the country’s largest public sector unions, and from Unite whose General Secretary, Len McCluskey, yesterday addressed that conference in Brighton. Both unions signed an […]

Mark Serwotka’s conference address

by Newsdesk.

The annual conference of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) opens in Brighton tomorrow. Delegates will be asked to endorse a ballot for a national strike over jobs, pensions and pay. Mark Serwotka was a surprise victor as PCS general secretary almost a decade ago, and his victory was bitterly contested by the right-wing establishment […]

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