For those who can’t love Obama

De La Pava Personae coverI’m willing to make a bet: five years from now, everyone will be talking about Sergio de la Pava.

This is an exaggeration obviously, but anyone who likes The Wire will be talking about him, or Louis Ck, or The Occupy Movement. Anyone who is frustrated by ‘literary’ books which cover serious themes in a serious tone and implicitly look down on anyone who doesn’t. Anyone frustrated by the impenetrable nature of long, solemn broadsheet articles about the recession or criminal justice and just wishes that someone would write about these things in a way which was not only amusing and colloquial, but also, at points, astonishingly beautiful. Anyone who hates Ian McEwan and Carol Ann Duffy but loves Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace. Anyone who hates David Cameron, wants to (but can’t quite) love Barack Obama and isn’t quite sure who they should be loving instead. All these people will love de la Pava and probably a whole load more people who love/hate the opposite of all these things. That’s the kind of writer he is. Continue reading