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Britain’s problem: Philip Green is the archetype British capitalist

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

On global capitalism in Lenin’s day, the Bolshevik leader had this to say: “Imperialism is an immense accumulation of money capital in a few countries … hence the extraordinary growth of a class, or rather, of a stratum of rentiers, i.e., people who live by “clipping coupons”, who take no part in any enterprise whatever, […]

High street horrors

by Lucy Reese.

You’ll be pleased to know that I reconsidered buying a pair of very short shorts in Topshop yesterday – only to go online and buy a pair from George at Asda instead. I buy a lot from George – especially for the boys. It’s cheap – why it’s so cheap is a matter I choose not to dwell on. Asda may not be owned by Green – unlike Miss Selfridge or Dorothy Perkins – but it is owned by Wal Mart, another liberal bugbear, who you can see are not very nice.

Miliband man versus Tesco monster

by Michael Meacher.

Britain is a sleepy nation until a riot wakes it up. The hated poll tax trundled on until mass riots triggered its demise, taking Thatcher with it. Tax dodging on a colossal scale continued unimpeded until UK Uncut shut down Vodaphone and Top Shop in Oxford Street and made Philip Green’s £2bn tax-free dividend to […]

Support UK Uncut and those arrested at Fortnum & Mason – “non-violent and sensible,” innocent and victimised

by Jon Lansman.

In a few short months, UK Uncut has reshaped public opinion on tax avoidance. Its peaceful actions, light-hearted and engaging people never previously involved in political activity, have left corporate Britain running scared, forced the Treasury to run training sessions in response and thrown the right-wing anti-tax Tax Payers Alliance onto the defensive. In a […]

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